Captains, Our Captains!

Hey team captains, thank you for your commitment to Boston ITWP and to our players. You help make our leagues possible! Without you, we would be aimless, lost at sea.

Here are all of the ways that captains like you help make our leagues possible:


Before the season starts, captains help with player recruitment. This includes spreading the word about Boston ITWP to new players and encouraging returning players to register. Captains communicate with the commissioners to help ensure that each team has the minimum number of players necessary to play that season. Captains will have the opportunity to weigh in on any new rules or rule modifications before they become official prior to the start of the season. In addition, captains select the name of their team and shirt color (where applicable).

During the Season

​Once the season is underway, captains email their players weekly to remind them about the season schedule. Captains also coordinate with players to ensure that there are enough players in attendance each week. Captains encourage players to go to the sponsor bar before or after games. In addition, in the event that a question or issue arises during gameplay, captains will work with the referee to develop a resolution together.



After the season has attended, captains encourage players to attend the End of Season party. Captains also encourage players to register again for next season.

Draft Seasons​

Captains have additional responsibilities for draft seasons, with respect to the draft itself. Before the draft seasons begins, captains will participate in an in-person live draft of team players. The order of the draft order will be determined by pulling a number from a hat. From there, the draft begins.​ One of the commissioners will administer the draft, so long as that commissioner is not also a captain.

Captains may draft a group of players simultaneously, so long as said group indicated at registration that they each wanted to be drafted together. In this case, captains must forfeit any subsequent draft picks to account for the number of players drafted as a group. For example, if Liz drafted a group of three players together, then she would have to forfeit her next two rounds of draft.

Once the draft concludes, captains may trade players until a mutually agreed date before the Draft Reveal Party or start of the draft season.​