The League

Who We Are

Boston Inner Tube Water Polo (or "Boston ITWP") was founded on 2 principles:

  • having fun
  • being part of a community


Boston ITWP arose from the ashes of a former inner tube water polo league that was run by another adult recreational social sports company in Boston, MA. Long story short, when that company decided to stop offering inner tube water polo, 2 of the players got together and decided to start a new league themselves. Thus, Boston ITWP was born in December 2017.

When those players, Hartley Brody and Cory Lamz, decided to start Boston ITWP, they focused on the 2 key aspects of inner tube water polo that they had come to love so much: having fun and being part of a community of players who care about one another.

That's why your experience with Boston ITWP is so different from the other adult recreational sports leagues out there: we're here to make friends and have fun. Oh, and sometimes gameplay gets a little wet and wild in the process!

So thanks for checking us out. Whether you played inner tube water polo before or you'd never heard of the sport util now, we hope you'll join us. All skill levels are welcomed. It's sure to be a flippin' good time!

Our Commissioners

Paul Abbene


Kat Doyon

"The Doctor"

Jack Collier

"Mr. Enthusiasm"

Get in Touch

Send us an email at We're always happy to chat or get feedback.

Comments, Concerns, and Incidents

Our goal is to create a great social experience for all of our players.

Whether you had a great experience, or a terrible one, we'd love to hear about it.

This form is entirely anonymous. Submissions are e-mailed to the league commissioners: Jack, Paul, and Kat.


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